Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car can I buy with the loan amount I receive from Auto Superstore?

You are not limited as to what kind of car you can buy. Tell us about the car and we’ll get you approved for the best auto loan to purchase it with.

What interest rate can I get?

The interest rate every borrower gets varies. It depends on several factors like your credit rating, down payment and length of the loan. But in any case, we’ll get you the best auto loan deal that perfectly matches your financial and credit situations.

How long does the approval process take?

Our response usually comes immediately after you submit your application. It rarely takes a day or two before we give you our decision. But let us remind you that incomplete application and false information are common causes of approval delay and denial.

Will I still get approved even with bad credit?

Yes. We help everyone get the best auto loan, regardless of credit type. So even if you have bad credit, we’ll work with you! Apply Now!

How much does your service cost?

We don’t charge any fee for this service. We do this for FREE.

I’m looking to buy a used car. Is there any way for me to make sure it’s reliable?

Unlike with a brand new car, a used car’s reliability cannot be guaranteed. We then suggest getting a warranty when you buy a used vehicle. This will keep you from spending enormously and defaulting on your loan when the car suddenly breaks down. We recommend getting warranty from this leading warranty company in the U.S.

How can I rebuild my credit?

Our low-interest auto loans can help you improve your credit. But another effective way to boost it fast is to get a secured credit card. Make sure you make payments on time to establish good payment behavior. Keep in mind that lenders look closely at your credit especially when you’re applying for an auto loan.

Is my information safe when I send it over the Internet?

We know how important the safety of your identity is to you. Our website is protected and regularly checked by Trust Guard. We guarantee that your information is safe with us. You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms for more information.

Important Note: You know you’re using a secure site when you see https:// in the address bar.